Why we do this:

Life on this planet passes too quickly to shirk relationships or squander talents. We eagerly seek clients we believe in, customers we can make friends. Nothing energizes us more than helping you discover your story, hone it to its polished best, and set it free. When that happens, it means success in the most convincing, compelling, and satisfying way.

About Our Process:

Creating a promotional video is like building a house – if the foundation is flawed, the beautiful exterior is for naught. The house nor the video will be effective. Following is our process for creating award-winning videos that connect with your audience.

  1. Research – From the initial meeting we are relentless in our pursuit of your story. We know that unless we understand your message inside and out, we can’t tell it right. And if we can’t tell it right, all the great footage and fancy special effects won’t save it.
  2. Concept Summary – We reveal the creative direction of your video. The CS shows how we will catch the attenion of your viewers with the appropriate emotional appeal.
  3. Script – Here is where You see, in detail, what your video will “look like” on paper, in writing. At this point, you can help fine-tune the project before the next step.
  4. Storyboard – Not every promo video requires it, but many do. A storyboard gives you a better idea of the visual flow of the video before we start shooting video.
  5. Rough Cut – This is another checkpoint, where you see the basic video, assembled in order, just as the script and storyboard showed. Many elements such as music, titles, and special effects are yet to come. But you have the chance to help adjust the project before we begin finalizing the more polished elements of the video.
  6. Final Cut – Actually, there is one more chance to make adjustments before the final cut. The goal is to work from the general to the specific so that major changes at the end of the project don’t force costly revisions.

Check out the samples of our work on the website. Decide for yourself if the process above has resulted in beautiful connections between our clients and their supporters. Thank you for visiting with us via our website.