Why we do this:

Life on this planet passes too quickly to shirk relationships or squander talents. We eagerly seek clients we believe in, customers we can make friends. Nothing energizes us more than helping you discover your story, hone it to its polished best, and set it free. When that happens, it means success in the most convincing, compelling, and satisfying way.


About Us

AllisonDigital is a creative services company specializing in writing and producing promotional videos, publications and book-length projects. Our goal is to serve organizations with integrity and results by connecting them with their audiences. Our team of writers, producers, videographers, designers, editors and programmers focus on the effectiveness of your video at every stage. The AllisonDigital team:

Glen Allison

Glen Allison, writer/producer. Glen has written and produced virtually every type of marketing project: video programs, broadcast commercials, print advertising, brochures, annual reports, company magazines, PC-based presentations, websites, press releases, feature articles, executive speeches, workshops and other special events. He has been co-owner of a business magazine, sportswriter, PR Director for a Phi Beta Kappa college, oil rig worker, freelance writer, and parking lot sweeper. Glen is author of three books: Still Standing, the story of the Williams Brothers’ gospel group, published by Billboard Books; and Miscue and NetBlue, two books from the Forte mystery series from the now-defunct Yoke Press. Glen has more yadayada at his: linkedin.com page

Derek Courtright

Derek Courtright, videographer/editor. Derek is a stealth genius concerning most things digital. He thinks nothing of spending hours in a dark room making scenes flow better than we could have ever imagined. He is a skating afficionado and has produced some very cool videos of his own hidden somewhere on the Net. Eventually we will convince him to tell where they are.

Carolyn Parson

Carolyn Parson, project manager. Carolyn is tasked with making us creative types palatable to the business world. She’s the glue of our so-called creative genius. Actually, she’s pretty creative herself. She was an administrative assistant in the marketing department at Dial in Arizona. She helped run the Arizona Black Film Festival in Scottsdale, Arizona. She loves acting and is working her own screenplay that she did NOT want us to mention here. Neener neener. We bet it’s good.

Marty Cooper

Marty Cooper, editor/writer. Marty is a ruthless zapper of typos and has been known to deliver a literary karate chop on poorly constructed sentences. She regularly saves us from embarrassing ourselves with dangling modifiers and such. Marty serves as assistant editor of the Southern Charity Ledger, the publication for Palmer Home for Children, the best place for you to support if you want to make a difference in the lives of children who otherwise may never have made it far in life. Marty’s very clever and well-written blog is under construction.

Kris Zediker

Kris Zediker, graphic designer/web designer. Kris makes great design look easy. She serves as the art director of the award-winning Southern Charity Ledger, and works on a variety of web projects with AllisonDigital. In fact, she designed this website. Kris is rumored to secretly travel the world quelling disturbancess with the sheer awe-inspiring power of her creativity. We'd attempt to verify this information with her except then she'd probably ask for a raise. So, mum's the word on that, okay?